Hades, 2017
So...you’re dead. This is a little awkward.
But, you know, not really, because it’s time for you to join the eternal underground rave, mah dude.
Why just stir in your grave when you can DANCE?! In the Underworld, the nightlife is 24/7, and I keep the party
bumpin’, dropping that dopeass bass just for you.
Life is hard. Death is rad. Spend your
afterlife at the afterparty.​​​​​​​
And welcome to Hell.

Persephone, 2017

Persephone has never exactly fit in the box she was born into. She's a social media icon who’s always craved a life of glamor and celebrity status. Wild parties at high-class venues with A-listers in the entertainment industry; that's her scene. She’s a big flirt who knows how to make connections and work her brand. She’s even used her following to start her own line of floral fragrances and other beauty products.

However, her mom, Demeter, is not terribly thrilled about her daughter’s lifestyle choices. As the head of the Supreme Court of Natural Law, she’d hoped Persephone would one day take over her postion. Demeter is profoundly disappointed that Persephone has become obsessed with the material and superficial, and has no sense of duty towards protecting the natural world.

Persephone was a huge fan of Hades, and knew it would be good publicity to be seen at one of his shows. She got her VIP pass to the Underworld, and was able to meet him after the show. No one could deny that sparks were flying. After hooking up, Hades asked Persephone to come on tour with him.

She was having such a good time, she never wanted to leave! Demeter pressured her to come home, and even threatened to get Zeus involved. But Persephone was like, “No way, you can’t tell me what to do.” So she suggested to Hades that they get matching tattoos replicating the stamp used to allow those from the Upperworld into the Underworld. Not only would it be a way to commemorate their time together, but it could also allow her to stay in the Underworld as long as she wanted. Hades was just like, “Cool.”

Buuut not everything went to plan. Zeus filed a lawsuit and it was a whole thing. In the end, Persephone was required to spend half the year in the Upperworld and could return to the Underworld in the other half. She was not exactly stoked about this outcome.
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